The Fundamentals of Caring: Movie Review

Where The Do-Over left me thinking “Man that movie could use it’s self” The Fundamentals of Caring came in and gave me a renewed interest in Netflix original movies, as this one was very good. It’s a story about Ben (Paul Rudd) who feels like shit because his child died and then, subsequently, his wife left him. In his time of feeling like shit on a stick, and also of being jobless, Ben decides he’ll go become a care giver. His first client is Trevor (Craig Roberts), a boy with muscular dystrophy and the best fucking sense of humor ever. Also he is handsome and cool. The two decided to go on a road trip to see the worlds biggest pit and along the way they pick up Dot (Selena Gomez), who is hitch hiking cross-country to see her mom. Dot and Trevor get a whole love interest thing going, however, as the trip concludes, Dot leaves with her father instead of finishing her voyage with Ben and Trevor and they do the whole kiss good-bye thing. Before they return home, Trevor is able to get his wish of taking a piss standing up, and everyone lives happily ever after.

The majority reason why I like this movie so much is that the bits that were supposed to be funny were genuinely fucking funny. As apposed to the shit that passes for comedy now-a-days like in, say, I don’t know, The fucking Do-Over. There’s a scene in the first half of the movie in which Ben is trying to get Trevor to try a Slim Jim for the first time and I swear it’s one of the funniest movie scenes I’ve ever watched. Seriously, if you watch any part of this movie it should be this scene. In addition, every time we thing something bad is actually about to happen to Trevor it’s just either Ben or Trevor fucking with one another. I liked this aspect of the movie specifically because they never went into the cliché of “oh and he dies at the end”. Granted, there’s theoretically nothing wrong with that but it’s a tad to over done in my most humble opinion.

A Tutorial in Ass Wiping was also nice because the acting and, here we go again, pacing were both very good. It goes back to what I said when I was talking about Ratchet & Clank: You can easily go through an extended period of time with out it being bad if you just cut some corners, and my prime example of how one could do that, a good “training montage”, is more or less what they use in the case of The Science of Giving a Fuck. They go over months worth of “getting to know you” section of the Ben and Trevor relationship in like 5 minutes because they just put it into a montage of sorts. It’s not bad, it doesn’t seem thrown together or anything, it just makes it easier to get to the actual story and makes more time for the important things.

I decided on giving this movie an 8/10 because in the battle between 7 and 8, 8 won out because even though it seemed a tad high, a 7 seemed low enough that I’d rather take the high road. Now I’m off to go get a taste of the James because I hear it’s pretty awesome.


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