Hush: Movie Review

While trying to decide what I wanted to talk about today I felt that I was in a “scare” type of mood, though dressing like Jared from Subway and scaring the neighborhood kids didn’t really satisfy my mood so I decided to watch a horror film. The choice fell on Hush, mostly because my Netflix account won’t stop shoving it in my face and telling to watch it like a stripper that’s going to be short for rent. Hush is a horror film about Maddie Young (Kate Siegel), a deff (and mute as we later find out) writer living pretty much by herself in the middle of the woods because the city is too loud for her. A crazy person with a mask comes along and in the process of trying to scare the fuck out of Maddie, kills everyone else with in twenty miles, that being two people. Finally, our protagonist is able to use her disability to her advantage and wins the final fight.

I assume they wanted to do the whole suspense thing to build the scare level considering the bad guy didn’t want to come in the house until an hour and some change into it. Unfortunately the scariest part about this movie was at the beginning when I didn’t know I had my volume at full blast, scared the shit out of me. Past that, though, it was mostly predictable. The one good thing I do want to say about it though is that they didn’t use that many jump-scares to try to get the horror thing across. Jump-scares have become a crutch for many movies and video games to lean on when they can’t be bothered to shit out an original or clever thought, so it’s always nice when someone takes those crutches and kicks them out from underneath the horror industry to show that it’s just faking.

I want to focus in on the guy in the mask for a little bit because his character confused me. From the beginning the audience (or at least me) is like “Oooo, a mask, nice and creepy, it’s like Halloween or Friday the 13th”. But then he takes the thing off twenty minutes-ish and that mystery and scare factor is gone. Now he’s just a weirdo with a stupid tattoo. Also, on the topic of “he’s just this”, we never get any reason for why he’s out in the woods killing people with a crossbow and hunting knife. And no, it’s not necessary, you’re right. Crazy people kill randomly sometimes, sure. But in the context of a movie it makes it much more interesting if we find out there’s a reason for the whole thing. Whereas in the case of Hush our bad guy just kind of strolls in like “Hey, I’m nameless, crazy, and pretty boring as a character. I’m going to walk around your house for a while”.

Now I’d like to move to Maddie and talk about her character for a bit because she’s an interesting one. Upon losing her hearing and speech at age thirteen she apparently gained a whole plethora of other superhuman abilities. Many of which she must use to defeat her crazy, pointless adversary. The first one we are introduced to is not put into use until much later in the film, that being her ability to visualize all possible endings to a situation. This is both what makes her a good writer and what saves her from being killed. It’s a less entertaining power but one that seems important enough. She also seems to possess a superhuman amount of physical stamina considering she can suffer from massive blood loss and still stand up, aim a crossbow, kill a crazy murderer, call 911, and then walk outside to wait for them whilst petting her cat.

This movie wasn’t terrible. It didn’t really do much, but it’s not terrible. I like to think of it as a deeper story of the movie is actually just her sitting and finishing her next book and its just a visualization of what happening in the story. Viewing it this way gives it the illusion of being a better movie than it actually is but considering that probably wasn’t the way it was intended, the score will not improve because of it. I’m giving Hush a 5/10. This is mostly due to the lack of substance and depth to the relationship between the characters which would have made the movie way better. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go talk with the police. They seem to want to know if I have any information on someone going around with a Subway shirt on asking kids if they’d like a $5 footlong.


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