Scream (TV Show) Season 1 Part 2: TV Review

I decided to re-watch the majority of the series before writing this second part of the review considering it wasn’t the freshest thing in my mind. Also because for this part I wanted to focus more on the acting, pacing, and all that kind of stuff as opposed to the actual story like I did in the first part.

I want to start with pacing because I’m a broken record and apparently have a pacing fetish. My sexual intricacies aside, I only noticed which direction on the spectrum the pacing was going after the aforementioned re-watching, and it’s actually fucking amazing. Considering I talked about mostly Episode 1 in the first part, I started from Episode 2. Upon doing so my head fucking exploded at the realization of how much they somehow fit so much into one 45 minute episode. It almost makes up for the shit acting that was stumbled through by some of the cast.

How’s that for a segue?

There’s a significant valley of a gap between the better and worse actors in the series. And by significant valley I mean mountain goats wouldn’t even have the balls to scale it. The better actors being Tom Maden (Jake) and John Karna (Noah), and the worse actors being Carlson Young (Brooke) and, depending on how she’s feeling that day, Tracy Middendorf (Emma’s mom). It honestly seems like she (Tracy) just wakes up and starts her day by flipping a coin to see if she’ll be a solid actor or not. Brooke on the other hand just made a blanket decision to have the emotional armory of Kristen Steward. In Episode 5 Jake shows Brooke a video of her dad moving a body into a freezer and the speculation is that it’s Brooke’s mom. If Brooke had shown any less of an emotional response to the proposition that her father killed her mother she could be classified as a mannequin. There’s also a bit of an awkwardness with Emma’s character I wanted to point out that isn’t necessarily bad acting, but fits in this section so I’m adding it. There are two scenes in separate episodes when Emma tries to defend herself from people she thinks are the killer. In one instance she has a 2×4 and in the other has a stun gun, however what she really needs, evidently, are some glasses because she misses easy hits both times. Overall though the acting leaned towards the solid side of the spectrum so hooray for that.

I also wanted to mention something I felt was pretty interesting if you define interesting as “lazy journalism”. Before I even watched this show I saw a random article online with a tag line that went something like “Second season of Scream confirmed, with everything resolved how will they do it?”. I then watched the series and thought what the fuck are you smoking and can I have some, seems like some strong shit. Everything at the end of the first season is about as resolved as the issue of finding out what Donald Trump actually plans to do if he becomes president. In fact, there are more questions to answer in the second season than there were answered in the first season as a whole.

I had a little internal struggle with this one. I debated between different numbers so much that you’d have thought I was trying to give a head count at a conjoined twins convention. Five seemed too low and six for a while seemed a tad high, though I finally landed on 6/10 for Scream as a whole. If I had to boil down my reasoning into a short phrase it would be that the show isn’t “bad”, it’s just not “good”. It’s a bit like Zero Calorie Vitamin Water in that sense.


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