Scream (TV Show) Season 1 Part 1: TV Review

Hello there! Sorry, I usually have an opening line ready for these but I couldn’t think of anything and decided to just fumble into it like how Michael Cera probably got into acting. Anyway. Scream is a TV series take on the movie series by the same name. To get the truth out there I’ve never actually seen the movie franchise. For this reason I won’t be talking about if it held up to whatever standard might have been set for it by the movies and will just be judging the show in its own right. This will be a two part review, with the first part mostly talking about just the first episode or two considering most of the stuff I want to talk about happens there.

This first scene we get in the series is the first murder. The victim is Nina, your stereotypical rich, bitchy, sexy high school teen. It’s nothing very exciting as it happens exactly like you’d think it would, but the scene as a whole does set up some things for the show that are handy later, such as foreshadowing a secondary plot about voyeuristic jocks with an affinity for felony extortion. There is also a part of this opening scene that when combined with information we get later on in the episode becomes weird. Just before Nina is killed, the body of person she thought she was talking to on the phone, Tyler, gets thrown into the hot tub with her. As the episode progresses we start hearing people wondering where the fuck Tyler could have possibly gone and thinking that he killed Nina. This brought me some comic relief considering that would mean that the killer, post-kill, thought “oh, lovely night for a swim” and retrieved this torso and head he threw at a girl like it was a fucking dodgeball, which is very funny to me.

Something else that jumped out at me in the first episode was how self aware it wanted to appear. There’s a section where the nerdy kid with a serial killer fetish literally explains why it’s okay to make a TV show based off a horror movie. This is definitely doing something to the fourth wall but it’s not breaking it, it’s more like drilling a hole in it so you can just fuck it a little. The issue I have with this is that I don’t think the self justification was necessary. It could have just made a good show and that would have been justification enough. All this fourth wall copulation achieves is making the watcher think “well this is probably going to be shit”. That’s what I thought at least, but the awkward part is that it wasn’t. It had it’s moments of course as all things do, but it was fine by most standards.

The last main point to take away from the first/early episodes in the series is that it/they imbed a sense that everyone is hiding a secret in town, and making it so that they are  very, very sure that you’re aware of it. It’s not unlike the watcher is Solid Snake and the idea that everyone has a secret is basically that piece of shrapnel he added to his wardrobe for the Phantom Pain. Damn near every member of the cast can be found doing something shady and the ones that we don’t really see much of are dead within a couple episodes. Yes sir, everything from blackmail to more fucking voyeurism, some member of the cast is into it. The way they did this wasn’t bad per se, it just was a little overbearing much like a Christian mother. 

Again as with the last two part review there are no score in this first part. It’ll be given next time so you’ll have to occupy your time somehow waiting for it. Perhaps you could engage in coitus with a fourth wall or try out voyeurism, those seem to be popular these days with the kids.


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